At SpaTesters, we’ve created a community where members can read one another’s reviews . Once in a while, someone will try to game our system by attempting to post a fake review, so we thought it would be helpful to share our approach, our policies, and the actions we take to identify, block, and remove fraudulent reviews. Here’s what we believe.

We believe in “the right to write.”

The SpaTesters community has a wealth of valuable experience, and every one of our 390 million monthly users should feel confident sharing their opinions. When you taken any spa service, you have a fundamental right to talk about that experience with others. We are immensely proud of the community we’ve built which helps customers do just that.

We believe every experience counts, not just the ones where you paid for the services.

we believe in promoting personal experiences, we do not take lightly the decision to remove a review from our site. It might be easier to give in to censorship and remove reviews that a business owner disagrees with. But it goes against what we stand for, which is the right for genuine consumers to share their experiences.

In keeping with this philosophy, while we do require reviewers to certify that they are reviewing their own experiences before they can submit their review to SpaTesters, we don’t seek third-party verification.

We believe that everyone should play by the same rules. Businesses are not able to influence SpaTesters, to improve their reviews, ratings or Spa goers Ranking.

We believe that businesses who don’t play by the rules should be penalised.

Businesses know that consumers rely heavily on reviews when making any decisions. Unfortunately, we have seen that some unscrupulous businesses will try to cheat in order to attract more customers. We define “cheating” as positively reviewing their own business (or finding others to do so on their behalf) or negatively reviewing their competitors.

These activities constitute fraud. Posting fake reviews violates the SpaTesters, Terms of Use, as well as unfair competition and/or consumer protection laws in many countries. We invest massive amounts of time, effort and money into identifying and blocking fraudulent activity on our site.

How SpaTesters, identifies and blocks fraud

  • We block or remove the fake reviews.
  • Each fraudulent submission we identify has a negative impact on a business’s rank in our Ranking.
  • We aggressively pursue companies that offer to boost a business’ reputation by writing fake reviews on its behalf. When we catch them, we remove all of the fake reviews they’ve posted, and we penalize their clients.

You may be surprised that Spatesters doesn’t simply remove the listing on our site for a business caught engaging in review fraud. In fact, that’s exactly what some of these businesses want us to do, so they can prevent consumers from researching and commenting on them. But we believe consumers have the right to know what other Spatesters users are saying.